March 2012

How Am I Supposed to Teach My Kid About Aerosmith?

Everything I thought I knew was a lie!

Do you remember how you felt when, after years of learning “In 1492, Columbus sailed the ocean blue,” and hailing Christopher Columbus as one of the nation’s biggest heroes, you figured out or were told that he was a complete jerk who offered to sell native tribes as slaves and became the father of not just one of the biggest instances of genocide in history, but also the Transatlantic slave trade? Yeah, sucker punched, right?

Not so exciting Aerosmith

The world of Aerosmith has been somewhat boring recently. With Steve Tyler taking a break from the band, there really hasn’t been too much excitement for fans other than watching him once a week on a show that many of us don’t really care for anyway. It came as a shock to me and many of Steve Tyler’s fans that he would even leave the band for a period to go on a show that seems to be somewhat of a, should I say ‘joke’.