February 2012

Top Aerosmith hits

Aerosmith’s music has been nothing short of amazing. It is surprising that there have been so many ‘greatest hits’ over the past several years, because I just feel that all of their music is a great hit and it really can’t be chosen one of the other. However, Aerosmith fans beg to differ and a number of their songs have been chosen as the greatest hits that the band has ever released. These are the number one songs the band has released over the years.

Aerosmith- we love you still

You know a band really has talent when they are loved from generation through generation. When Aerosmith started in 1970 and quickly become a hit among many. Both the young and old quickly become fans of the band and waited to see what was to come of them. Aerosmith has only gotten better and gave us more get hits since that time, a reason as to why they continue to be one of the best bands ever.

Interesting Aerosmith facts

Throughout my time reading about Aerosmith, I’ve come across a few interesting facts about the band that I think other Aerosmith fans will enjoy. For example; the song sweet emotion is written about Steve’s nerves at the time. Each sentence of that song represents how he was feeling at that given moment, especially a deep anger at band member Joe’s x-wife. Also, did you know that Tyler is only Steve’s stage name? Yup, that’s right. His real name is Tellarico, but many of his fans don’t realize that.

Is a tour underway?

" From what I’ve read, it was Steve Tyler’s choice to take a break from the band"

Sadly, I have not had the pleasure of seeing Aerosmith tour since 8 years ago. That’s a long time and I feel I’m hitting the first stages of withdraw. I was talking to a fellow Aerosmith fan, as we tend to discuss the band often over coffee. From what I understand, the band is still together, of course! But, I guess Steve Tyler is taking a break from touring and recording, because of his hosting period on American Idol. While I love getting to see him on TV on a weekly basis, I think I’d definitely prefer a good concert opposed to him judging people (98% of them without any talent.. sorry).