January 2012

Steve Tyler; Past and present struggles

We all know that Steve Tyler is going to be starring on American Idol this season. Other than the excitement, many feel this will be a chance for him to remind us of why we loved him for all of those years. Many of you know, Steve Tyler began struggling with his drug addiction at the age of 12. He began trying a variety of different drugs at this age, but had little idea that trying the drugs would lead to a lifetime of addiction, relapse and recovery.

Ready or Not....

Here it comes. Tonight is the big season premiere of American Idol, and though there have been so many shows that are basically the same exact idea, American Idol is a force to be reckoned with. It seems last season that J LO and Steven Tyler brought the show to a new level of stardom. So come on Steven Tyler, with your wild print pants, and ton of sequins, maybe this time America is ready for you. I am willing to be the producers of idol are sitting happily with their trigger finger on the bleep button though.

I am hearing that what we saw last year was just a taste of awkward sexual innuendos that Steven Tyler had to offer, and it may be even worse this year. Love him or hate him, you gotta give the guy some credit for trying.  The team seems to work really well together, Randy has become the realistic, semi-cruel guy, J LO plays the role of "don't give up the ship", and Steven is actually just like a drunken Paula.  The man knows his music though, and every once in a while when he is not belting out one of his screams, he has something intelligent and helpful to say.

Growing up with Aerosmith

"It makes me wonder, how long will Aerosmith go on like this?"

Did you grow up with Aerosmith? I, myself, did. I can think back and remember my parents playing Aero on the radio while sweet dreams played, and how their friends gathered around and all belted out the words. I recall going over my friend’s houses when I was a child and sitting at the kitchen table while their dad had a beer and listen to Aerosmith blaring from the garage. It was certainly an educational experience. Or something like that.

I think one of the main reasons as to why I love Aerosmith so much, is because those around me who i respected, acted as if the music were the key to life itself. I, myself, have to say that at times I feel the same way. I don’t listen to them on an everyday basis, but I will admit that my kids have learned some of the songs and like to sing along when I’m in a cleaning mood and decide that Aero will make the best background music.