Top Aerosmith hits

Top Aerosmith hits

Aerosmith’s music has been nothing short of amazing. It is surprising that there have been so many ‘greatest hits’ over the past several years, because I just feel that all of their music is a great hit and it really can’t be chosen one of the other. However, Aerosmith fans beg to differ and a number of their songs have been chosen as the greatest hits that the band has ever released. These are the number one songs the band has released over the years.

As many of you probably already know, ‘Dream On’ has been and continues to be a favorite among fans. This song quickly became a hit right after its release and it continues to be placed as the number 1 Aerosmith song that has ever been released.

‘I don’t want to miss a thing’ has been placed at the 2nd best song ever released. This song is known for its emotional feel and became even more popular after it was featured in Armageddon a few years ago.

‘Walk this way’ is considered one of the greatest rock songs that have ever been released. While many different bands played this song as a cover, it’s no surprise that Aerosmith version is the best version out there and the others simply cannot compare.

‘Sweet emotion’ is a favorite among fans and known for its excellent guitar rhythm throughout the song. It was played at Disney World on the rockin’ roller-coaster, allowing those who weren’t very familiar with Aerosmith, to become fans of the song.

‘Cryin’ is a legendary song that is still heard on the radio quite often. This song is a favorite along with the popular tune ‘Crazy’. If the band ever does sell out, I think all of these songs will still be played on the radio and considered a favorite among many.