10 Best Aerosmith Songs Ever

10 Best Aerosmith Songs Ever

Okay, so you’re going to disagree with me here. I can almost guarantee it, since the only basis I’m using is my own taste! (For example, “Back in the Saddle” doesn’t even make my list, which will probably be considered blasphemy by many. I also utterly love “Deuces are Wild, “ “Living on the Edge,” "What Kind of Love are You On," and “Dude Looks Like a Lady,” none of which are not listed, either.) Have another top 10 all of your own? Great, post it! Until then, here is mine.

10. “Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing”

You’re already spitting and hissing, right? Most of my Aerosmith fan friends hate this song! They say it isn’t rock, the orchestra makes it a joke, and it was just a movie ploy. Maybe so on some accounts, but I still love the song, it gives me goosebumps every time I hear it, and I will continue defending it until death.

9. “Love in an Elevator”

This might rank high on some lists, but it only makes my list for its fun factor. It’s so appropriate (okay, not appropriate exactly, but fun!) to play in so many situations, too…

8. “Blind Man”

I know this isn’t one of the most popular Aerosmith songs, but I just really, really love the song—both the music and the lyrics, even though it’s got that religious-feel to it. I jam it up every time the song comes on (which, admittedly, is usually on my own playlist).

7. “Angel”

Dude. Every time I hear this song, I freakin’ want to weep. Why are so many songs that contain the word “angel” like this?

6. “Crazy”

What is it with Aerosmith and awesome one-word titled songs? Though the video for this song really made it super viral (as it featured both Liv Tyler and Alicia Silverstone in sexy roles), the lyrics of the song and Tyler’s ever-sweet vocals are what make me love it so much. His little monologue in it isn’t bad, either, though some might argue.

5. “Come Together”

I do love the Beatles version, I really do. But I love Aerosmith’s version better. It’s so gritty and demanding of attention.

4. “Jaded”

I know this isn’t classic Aerosmith, but I love the song—and I think this one is actually attributed to Joe Perry’s string-stylings more than Tyler’s vocals. That guitar is just amazing in this song.

3. “Sweet Emotion”

Classic Aerosmith. This one has to be played loud.

2. “Cryin’”

God, I love the hell out of this song. I’ll listen to it both when I’m in a good mood and a bad one. Come to think of it, I’m going to play it right now…  Indeed, “love is sweet misery.”

1. “Dream On”

Need I say a thing about this one? I just about cried when the song was used in a damn commercial, which is the exact opposite of the meaning of rock! If it’s on in the car, my husband and I both stay inside to finish the song before it’s over and both scream when it gets to the wailin’ part. Utter awesomeness.