Steven Tyler: Big-mouthed fashion icon. Again.

Steven Tyler: Big-mouthed fashion icon. Again.

Steven Tyler's rock/television/fashion influence seems nowhere near fading. Andy Hilfiger, Tommy's brother who is also a fashion designer, is creating a rock-inspired clothing line called Andy Charles. Many of the designs are based on Steven Tyler’s wardrobe, particularly the clothing Tyler wore in the 1970’s. Tyler will also serve as the official ambassador of the line. Andy Charles will launch next month.

Steven Tyler is a beautiful man. He has beautiful hair and generally styles it so it looks like he’s rolled out of bed seconds before. He has a leopard obsession and loves black-and-white fedoras. He seems to have an affinity for leather jackets, scarves and a strange raccoon tail-looking apparatus in his hair. If Andy Hilfiger really wants to make a splash with this line, he should let Steven Tyler model it in long, pointy boots and skinny jeans.

Which is exactly what Hilfiger and Tyler have in the works, apparently. Tyler is working on a new Aerosmith album, but has also signed on for another season as an American Idol judge. Tyler will wear the Andy Charles line on the air, but it still remains to be seen if anyone will be able to tell the difference between the Andy Charles line and what Tyler usually wears. Maybe he’ll make a casual announcement like some hosts on television shows do.  Maybe he’ll say, “I really liked the way you sang that song almost as much as I like the Andy Charles by Andy Hilfiger silver-studded belt that I’m wearing right now!” Who knows?   

Hilfiger’s line will include both men’s and women’s clothing. Hearkening back to Tyler’s fashion of the 1970’s, it will include neckwear, leather pieces and animal prints, clothing that Tyler chose then and is still choosing now. Hilfiger says that his line will incorporate bohemian elements, like flowing scarves, long coats and flowery prints, as well as gypsy styles, like dangling earrings, detailed ornamentation and gold elements. He plans on including a lot of rockin’ denim in the line, including snake skin jeans and bell bottoms.

Andy Charles will merchandise itself as a rock-n-roll line, specifically a Steven Tyler rock-n-roll line. Tyler has already shot a promo commercial for the line that will air at Macy’s, the line's exclusive retailer. Tyler’s face will be on the clothing’s tags, as well, which will also include the line’s logo--a guitar pick and a star.

Andy Charles isn’t Hilfiger’s first foray into rock fashion.  He is also developing a neckwear line called Rock Scarf. Not surprisingly, the designer reveals his obsession with Steven Tyler, citing Tyler as his influence for the scarves and leopard-print coats.  He is also influenced by Stevie Nicks and includes Indian decorations and lace in his designs.

Really, it seems like Andy Hilfiger wants to be a rock star like Steven Tyler. Along with the fashion, Hilfiger wants to design guitars and amps that I hope no self-respecting musician will ever buy.  He also is recording a song demo with the band, The X Brothers. Maybe with his rocking clothing line, someday he’ll get there.