Aerosmith Continues to Sell Out

Aerosmith Continues to Sell Out

I must issue a heavy, sad sigh as I share with you the news that Steven Tyler has inspired a new clothing line from Tommy Hilfiger’s brother, Andy. He’s not even selling out for the big name brand, but its little brother. Oh, Steven.

I remember when the stuff that came out of that gaping maw of yours was completely nonconformist in nature, and yes, maybe he’d been drinking and doing drugs and plenty of other crap, but at least he seemed real—like a real rocker who threw clothes at the man instead of designing them for him!

I’ve written before about how Aerosmith has been selling out, from Steven Tyler’s judging gig on American Idol (which you would think he’d be completely against; that’s not how he became a rock god, after all, and it’s certainly not how anyone else ever should or will, either) to the band’s songs being used on commercials, of all things.

Just thinking of “Dream On” being used in such a way makes me want to weep.

And now he’s supposedly some new fashion guru? The clothing won’t even be available in the Targets or other places where the majority of his fans shop; it’ll be sold at Macy’s of all places. I remember a time when if you wanted something inspired by Aerosmith, you’d put it together yourself from Goodwill…