Making Aerosmith song-based movies

Why not? ABAA did it. Sort of.

Could you imagine if Aerosmith made a movie featuring all of the band’s songs—or a musical, at least? Oh, I sooo could, and I’m sure my good friend, an Aerosmith fanatic, could, too. And as much as Steven Tyler LOVES to sell out these days, I’m sure it wouldn’t be beyond the boys to put something like this into action. If such films were made, of course, what would they look like?

We could have an entire movie based on the band’s songs, played as the soundtrack, of course; or, we could provide each little song with its own film (as some of the band’s videos, like Crazy, nearly do). Here are just a couple of ideas; feel free to add your own.

Cryin’: Let’s have a love story about someone with a really rare disorder where he cries all of the time and he can’t help it. It’s like Tourette’s, but with tears. So he meets another girl with the disease and they cry together all of the time and it’s really moving. I smell an Oscar for this one.

Love in an Elevator: This sounds rather pornish, so let’s shy away from that—just so we can still get nominated for an award—and make it, instead, a story that takes place entirely in an elevator, but instead of the devil being inside or whatever, we have the birth of a baby, taking up the entire two hours. How could anyone not want to see that movie?

Ragdoll: Let’s take a detour from these super poignant and sure to be bestselling films and make something instead that’s more of a film noir, horror, drama, Toys in the Attic meets Chucky type movie. The ragdoll could be locked up children who actually turn out to be maniac killer dolls who are triggered every time they see a clown or a Raggedy Ann picture. The story could take a real turn when the doll-children-killers are somehow set loose upon one of those tiny historic towns that makes a living selling both of these trigger items. I can see the dollar signs now!

Living on the Edge: We need a documentary somewhere, so this is just as good as anywhere to use one. Let’s make a documentary all about people who live on the edge, literally. We could include people who live on the edge of a cliff, or those people who build their houses right on the edge of the road and have people drive into their houses all of the time for comedic effect. We’ll need somebody like Al Gore or Leonardo DiCaprio to narrate and make it really affecting, and end with something uplifting and hopeful, like those rubber bumpers you can put on the edge of tables to keep toddlers from bumping their heads.

How Am I Supposed to Teach My Kid About Aerosmith?

Everything I thought I knew was a lie!

Do you remember how you felt when, after years of learning “In 1492, Columbus sailed the ocean blue,” and hailing Christopher Columbus as one of the nation’s biggest heroes, you figured out or were told that he was a complete jerk who offered to sell native tribes as slaves and became the father of not just one of the biggest instances of genocide in history, but also the Transatlantic slave trade? Yeah, sucker punched, right?

I am not going to say I was that outraged and shocked when I learned that Aerosmith was a giant sellout (I want to yell like that kid on Family Guy, “You’re a big fat phony!”), but I was still pretty pissed off. This was the band of “Dream On” ethic! This was a band—like so many rock gods of days gone by, hard to find these days—who stood for going against the man, being different, not selling out and living the rock life and ethic. Now their lead singer is a judge on American Idol and the band’s hottie (I’ve always maintained that Joe Perry is the cute one) guitarist is a whiny sauce salesman.


And I don’t know if you have ever heard of Louis CK’s routine where he mocks parents who exclaim, “How am I supposed to tell my son/daughter that two men are married?” Like Louis CK, I think that’s absolutely ridiculous; it’s your s***ty kid, you tell him—and that’s not a good excuse to ruin someone else’s life! But how am I supposed to tell my daughter about the Aerosmith I knew and loved growing up with when I now know about the Aerosmith we have today? How am I supposed to scream, “Dream on! Dream on!” in the car at the top of my lungs with her like I did with my dad—and now, my husband—when I now know that it’s no longer about the struggle and the camaraderie and subverting whatever is “hip” or pop-py, but instead what sells?

There is absolutely no way we’re going to play “Sweet Emotion” during our road trips now; we may have to substitute with—gasp—Bob Seger or something as equally less painful. I can’t even joke about big lips anymore without thinking about how they look on commercials featuring songs that used to be anti-corporate anthems in my life.

I’m all about homeschooling, but our Aerosmith unit may just have to wait for a day when I’m less emotional about Steven Tyler’s popification.

Not so exciting Aerosmith

The world of Aerosmith has been somewhat boring recently. With Steve Tyler taking a break from the band, there really hasn’t been too much excitement for fans other than watching him once a week on a show that many of us don’t really care for anyway. It came as a shock to me and many of Steve Tyler’s fans that he would even leave the band for a period to go on a show that seems to be somewhat of a, should I say ‘joke’.

When you really think about it, no one who has ever won American idol has made much of a name for themselves. Yes, a small percentage is heard of, but they are nothing compared to the Lady Gaga’s of our generation. Looking back, it seems one of the most popular people to have ever been on that show is Clay Akin. If I remember correctly, he didn’t even win! He came very close, yes, but Ruben was the one who actually took the winning ticket and was really never to be heard from again shortly after the season of American idol was over.

So, honestly, I do not know what is yet to come for Aerosmith. Hopefully, they’ll get working on that album they promised us so long ago. Until then, we can just hope that they’ll give us an update on their latest plans, hopefully decide to take another tour sometime soon, and hope and pray that this season of American Idol comes to an end sooner than later. 

Top Aerosmith hits

Aerosmith’s music has been nothing short of amazing. It is surprising that there have been so many ‘greatest hits’ over the past several years, because I just feel that all of their music is a great hit and it really can’t be chosen one of the other. However, Aerosmith fans beg to differ and a number of their songs have been chosen as the greatest hits that the band has ever released. These are the number one songs the band has released over the years.

As many of you probably already know, ‘Dream On’ has been and continues to be a favorite among fans. This song quickly became a hit right after its release and it continues to be placed as the number 1 Aerosmith song that has ever been released.

‘I don’t want to miss a thing’ has been placed at the 2nd best song ever released. This song is known for its emotional feel and became even more popular after it was featured in Armageddon a few years ago.

‘Walk this way’ is considered one of the greatest rock songs that have ever been released. While many different bands played this song as a cover, it’s no surprise that Aerosmith version is the best version out there and the others simply cannot compare.

‘Sweet emotion’ is a favorite among fans and known for its excellent guitar rhythm throughout the song. It was played at Disney World on the rockin’ roller-coaster, allowing those who weren’t very familiar with Aerosmith, to become fans of the song.

‘Cryin’ is a legendary song that is still heard on the radio quite often. This song is a favorite along with the popular tune ‘Crazy’. If the band ever does sell out, I think all of these songs will still be played on the radio and considered a favorite among many. 

Memorable moments with the band


Aerosmith is certainly a music legend and pretty much a hero to many. Throughout the bands history, they have definitely provided their fans with some memorable songs and moments. Looking back through these times gives us a reminder as to why we still hold the band near and dear in our hearts.

One of my favorite moments with Aerosmith would have to be when they played the song ‘dream on’ with orchestra. It made the song that much more beautiful and was a great moment not only for the fans, but for the band as well. Hearing the song played like that would forever change the way that we remembered the song dream on.

There is also Steve Tyler putting on lipstick, Aerosmith playing with balloons and Tom’s big box. Not only are those memorable moments, but they are funny as well. One of the most memorable moments in the bands history was them getting the Rock N’ Roll hall of fame induction in the year of 2001. I don’t think too many of us were surprised when this happened, but we were glad to see it when it did.

There is also Steve Tyler talking about love on an elevator. If I’m not mistaken, there is a YouTube video of this moment and many of the others I have named. When it comes to a band as great as Aerosmith, it is truly difficult to name their most memorable moments because in the eyes of a dire fan as myself, basically everything Aerosmith has done to this day is somewhat memorable and inspiring. 

Aerosmith- we love you still

You know a band really has talent when they are loved from generation through generation. When Aerosmith started in 1970 and quickly become a hit among many. Both the young and old quickly become fans of the band and waited to see what was to come of them. Aerosmith has only gotten better and gave us more get hits since that time, a reason as to why they continue to be one of the best bands ever.

The question has been asked- has Aerosmith sold out? Absolutely not. They have not and will not sell out in my opinion. I hear kids still listening to them as they drive down the street and have heard kids younger than I’d imagine talking about the band and how they enjoy the song ‘sweet emotion’ and more.

I think the reason Aerosmith has stayed so popular throughout the generations is because the fact that parent’s love them- listen to them and children then become familiar with the band. It has become somewhat ‘cool’ to like the band and somewhat of a trend among the young. I can’t wait to see if Aerosmith will still be popular when my youngest child has grown. I still listen to them, but not as often as I’d like. My older children listen to the band and while one if dire fan, the others don’t seem to have that much interest in them.

There are only a few bands out there that are truly the best of the best and consistently loved throughout the generations and I’d have to say that if there were a list, I believe that Aerosmith would be at the top of that list for sure.  

Interesting Aerosmith facts

Throughout my time reading about Aerosmith, I’ve come across a few interesting facts about the band that I think other Aerosmith fans will enjoy. For example; the song sweet emotion is written about Steve’s nerves at the time. Each sentence of that song represents how he was feeling at that given moment, especially a deep anger at band member Joe’s x-wife. Also, did you know that Tyler is only Steve’s stage name? Yup, that’s right. His real name is Tellarico, but many of his fans don’t realize that.

Aerosmith made a guest appearance on The Simpsons and many of their fans awaited the episode upon this information. The band claims that ‘Get your wings’ is their first real album. They say that the album titled ‘Aerosmith’ doesn’t count because it is just a combination of songs they were singing when the band first started out. Steve Tyler is the only one of the members who was born and raised in New York.

Of all the albums that were ever released, the album ‘greatest hits’ has been and continues to be their best seller. The album has sold over 10 million copies and has all of Aerosmith’s best songs on it. Movin’ out was the first song that Steve and Joe ever wrote together and it continues to be a favorite by the band members till’ this day. Aerosmith also covered The Doors song ‘Love me two times’ and it was the first cover the band ever played. The band is not touring in 2012, but plans on resuming their tour in the next year and also plans to release a new album. 

Is a tour underway?

" From what I’ve read, it was Steve Tyler’s choice to take a break from the band"

Sadly, I have not had the pleasure of seeing Aerosmith tour since 8 years ago. That’s a long time and I feel I’m hitting the first stages of withdraw. I was talking to a fellow Aerosmith fan, as we tend to discuss the band often over coffee. From what I understand, the band is still together, of course! But, I guess Steve Tyler is taking a break from touring and recording, because of his hosting period on American Idol. While I love getting to see him on TV on a weekly basis, I think I’d definitely prefer a good concert opposed to him judging people (98% of them without any talent.. sorry).

 From what I’ve read, it was Steve Tyler’s choice to take a break from the band, but they are supposed to continue recording and touring sometime after this season of American Idol is over. I really hope so, as they have not come anywhere close to me for a show in a very long time. I haven’t really heard much from any of the other band members, but it’s no surprise, as Steve has always been and will always be the center of attention when it comes to the group.

I know the last tour didn’t go too well for Aerosmith. I heard that Steve accidently bumped into Joe onstage and knocked him off. Also, Joe accidently hit Steve with his microphone during one of the songs. Hmmm, maybe an unknown squabble? Well, here’s hoping they decide to take a tour very soon and for my sake, somewhere close to Pennsylvania. 

Steve Tyler in a new light

I don’t normally watch American Idol, because for one it isn’t my thing and two, in the past Simon had really aggravated me- to the point that I’d be yelling at the TV in frenzy. He didn’t seem to have any compassion what-so-ever. Anyway, seeing that Steve Tyler was going to be one of the judges on American Idol, made me want to take a look this year.

It is interesting seeing Steve on the show. It kind of makes me see him in a completely different light. While watching him in Aerosmith, I seen him as a party guy- and basically nothing else. While watching him on the show, he seems like a really down to earth guy who is interested in the talent of others. The only thing I worry about is the weird judging process. It seems like the 3 of them are letting almost everyone go to Hollywood. They don’t seem to be selective about it at all. There was a few times when I thought Steve was opposed to giving someone a ticket- but may have anyway since the other two had voted yes.

I am still somewhat leery about American Idol and I hope this year someone will win who actually has some real talent and I can stand to listen to on the radio. None-the-less I’ll continue watching because Steve Tyler is, party man or not, one of my favorite men in this whole universe and could make the crappiest of shows interesting.